Niyo Wealth - Bugs in Stocks & ETFs

Hi @Apoorv_Mittal,

Few bugs I have encountered with Niyo Stocks & ETFs page in this initial hours of usage are mentioned below.

  1. Watchlist is not working in trading section. When I add a stock to watchlist, I gets message that successfully added to watchlist. But it won’t reflect in watchlist. Only the default stock list is visible.

  2. Profile section is unable to open. So I Can’t see any details in my profile section.

  3. I didn’t get my demat account number neither via email or SMS yet.

  4. No TPIN received yet.

  5. Slow loading speed of Stocks & ETFs page.

  6. No dedicated signin option in Stocks & ETFs. I have to toggle between funds or portfolio sections in order to access signin.

Bugs updates after market open

  1. Stock price is stuck if we open the stock detail page.

  2. Refresh rate of stock prices are extremely slow so that unable to get real time price.

Looking forward for the fixes at the earliest.

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