Niyo waitlist account

I have registered for Niyo Account and got waitlist number 2000 and now it shows my waitlist to 2666 and I have referred my friend who got 35000 waitlist his account got verified yesterday and his card will be dispatched soon.

But, How it’s possible that my account is stiil under waitlist and a person having waitlist more than 30000 got his account verified.

Hey Neeraj! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Due to unavoidable reasons, we are able to serve only at selected locations. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused. ∞LK

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Thanks for the reply,
As you said you are able to serve at selected locations what does that mean? As my neighbor too got his card delivered today and I have referred him on Niyo.
That’s why I can’t understand that people I referred got their accounts verified in my same locality but my account still says waitlisted.

Neeraj Kumar

Hey Neeraj!

We certainly don’t want our customers to go through these situations. However, to answer your question.

There are a few possible reasons for why you were not on-boarded:

  1. You registered with an invalid email ID.
  2. You are in an unserviceable city.
  3. You are from a serviceable city but were referred by a person from an unserviceable city.

If your case doesn’t fall under any of these conditions, please let us know. S


  1. The email ID I have entered is my primary email ID and it’s not invalid.
  2. People whom I referred to in my neighborhood are getting services so why not I am. (City - Chandigarh)
  3. Neither the person who referred me is from an unserviceable city.

So, my case doesn’t fall under any conditions received from you.

Neeraj Kumar