Niyo Visa Card atm pin number generation

I have received my new niyo sbm visa card. I tried to set atm pin using the app, but i am receiving otp after 10 minutes and then the app is not accepting the otp number and it will send again new otp, but new otp will be received again after 10 minutes and after few attempts the app will show too much attemps and the app will log out. Please help me what to do with this issue, i have to fly to qatar on 16th august evening and i need the card to be working properly.

Hi @itsmejubz

Your concern has been highlighted with the team. Kindly allow us the window to get this checked for you. Rest assured! we will reach out you with the solution.


Good day,

Is there anyway i can receive the otp on my registered email id. As i am planning to use the niyo facility outside India, it will be easy for me to get otp in email, because in many countries sometimes our Indian sim cards doesn’t work properly.


Jubin Varghese

Hi @itsmejubz ,

Sending OTPs on registered email ID is in our pipeline. We are trying to work around on the same.


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