Niyo SBM Zero Forex Markup

Can you add me to the beta program
Here is my email id :

Hey. I downloaded the niyo sbm app and tried account creation.
When i uploaded my signature it said server is down and later when i tried to log in it says that your KYC failed.

Can you help me out? Im traveling to the US on 5th. Can it be done before that?

Reach out to me on

Hey @Sai, I too share the same thought process as @Tousif27 .

I’ve been a long term user of Niyo Global and would love to see an interesting and rewarding upgrade on the platform BUT wouldn’t mind switching and testing the SBM Program as the overall reward proportion seems to be very superior, albeit a lower charge ( or waiver in case of spend ) would be greatly appreciated and loved.

P.S : I will be travelling to the US for my Master’s in Aug and would love to test a few things if needed for you as a token of gratitude for the convenience you provided me in the past! :smiley:

Sai Sirish

Hey Sai,

Our Community missed you so a very warm welcome (BACK)! :partying_face:
We’re posting complete details of our BETA version along with the download links soon (today/tomorrow) and we can’t wait for you to test it out and tell us what you think.

Feels great that we were able to make a difference and add a pinch of convenience in your life. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks and a very Happy Weekend!

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Thanks for the warm welcome Aswathy, eager to try out the new product

Hey @sudheer60 @Arshsingla @Arun_Kumar @Rohit_Gampa @Aditya_Kapadia @gsaisirish

Hope you’ve downloaded the Beta version of the Niyo Global by SBM app. If not, you can find all the details here: Beta Version - Niyo Global in partnership with SBM Bank India (State Bank of Mauritius)🌎


Hey @ashrithjain yes account created and debit card is on the way. Found few issues and reported it on the Google play platform

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Can u tell me if 4 digit share code should be decided by us or it is some code we receive?

Hey @Arshsingla . The four digit share code is to be decided by the user. You are made to enter the share code so that your e-KYC file is secured at all time. If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again!


I have tried more than 15 times then also server down error .
Kindly provide me on call support to rectify this issue
Thanks & Regards
Arsh Singla
Ph 8146987266

Again downloaded app then also same

Can u explian why this is happening again and again.
Is smthing wrong with my kyc or is this error from ur end

May be the app under maintenance. They will rectify this soon. You can use this wonderful app by August without any problem, because now its beta program, they testing the app.

Hii is the niyo sbm debit card a form of niyo global forex card.
I mean is it a forex card or a debit card…

Its a zero forex VISA Signature Card.


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I just tried using my virtual card on a Paypal transaction but the transaction is failing all the time and it is showing that there is some kind of problem with card .
Can you help me related to this.
Does this have to do with the virtual card what I mean is that does virtual sbm card is acceptable in international transactions?
Does it have to do anything with virtual card

Is international transaction enabled on the card ?

Yes I have enabled it


Let us work around the same and get back to you on this.


Thank you for your support.
I really appreciate it

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I am again and again adding my aadhaar no and sharecode but it is again and again giving server down error. Can u explain what is the problem?
Arsh Singla
Ph 8146987266