Niyo SBM Zero Forex Markup

Hi folks,

A couple hours ago, I got the invite for the Niyo SBM beta program. I downloaded the app through TestFlight and started the sign up process. Account creation and Onboarding went smoothly. After account creation it is asking me to load 5000 to order the zero forex markup debit card. I tried UPI and IMPS both to send funds to this account but it didn’t work. Has anyone successfully ordered the card yet? Or is there a cool down period before we can receive the funds on this account?


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Hi Mohit,

Thanks for being our beta user. There is no cooling off period to order the card. You can transfer the money using IMPS/NEFT with your account number and the captioned IFSC Code (STCB0000065).

Please let us know if you continue to face challenges, happy to help.



Hi @Sai ,

I already have Niyo Global card which was taken last year and was curious what the new Niyo beta program(enhanced global variant) is all about. Is it the same or do you have anything new to offer the old customers of Niyo Global?

Hi folks,

I tried the IMPS from ICICI and it worked. IMPS from NiyoX and UPI to load the funds initially didn’t seems to work in my case. If anyone else is facing the same issue please try IMPS/NEFT from your regular bank account.



Hi Tousif,

Niyo Global by SBM is an enhanced version.

It offers:

  • Zero Forex Mark up card
  • Tap & Pay card
  • Upto 5%* interest on the balance
  • Visa Signature card benefits.

Please note this is a beta program, I would definitely recommend that you give it a try. Happy to hear your feedback.


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How can I get this global card. I would be travelling next month to abroad and thinking to use this card as it has zero forex

Hi Sudheer,

If you are on android, you can download the app (Niyo Global- Card and Digital Savings Account( Early Access)) from playstore.

If you are on apple, please share your email id linked to the App Store.

Please note this is a beta program, you may encounter technical difficulties. However we are there to assist you.

Your physical card would reach you within 15 days from the date of ordering, please plan accordingly.

Happy to help,



Hi Sai Shankar,

can you shed some light on :

  • Annual maintenance charges
  • Minimum balance to avail the offers mentioned above by you
  • Full KYC procedure

Also for beta program one needs to be added to the testers/developers/beta users list. One cannot download the app from google play store and install directly. How do i get an invite ?

Your collaboration with DCB bank is ending and now onwards one will get SBM global card only or one can opt for any bank ?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your interest.

You can share your email id (linked to App Store/playstore ), we would have you added on to the beta program.

There is no minimum balance requirement for the account, an initial deposit of 5K is required for ordering the physical card. The KYC process is 100% digital (Users need to have Aadhar and Pan card). The annual debit card maintenance charges from second year onwards is INR 499+( Taxes applicable).

The DCB KYC process is also getting upgraded to a Video KYC, once done users would have the option to chose between DCB and SBM program.


Thanks for the update @Sai.

Will Niyo DCB global app(andrioid) get future updates after you launch SBM global card. Any changes in DCB terms and conditions, annual charges & product. These things will help me decide which card to opt for.
And when are you resuming the DCB card onboarding ?

I have sent my mailid in dm to you. Kindly add me into the beta program and is the below app right one?

Hey @dave ! Hope you’re having a great day! Niyo Global by DCB Bank will continue to get future updates even after Niyo Global by SBM launch. Don’t worry, you’ll be among the first to be notified with the revised T&Cs when the onboarding for Niyo Global by DCB Bank goes live in the upcoming month. Hope this helps.
If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again!


Hi sai
I want to travel by next month to canada so please add me in the beta program
Arsh singla

does niyo sbm support swedish krona as a currency?

Hey @kotharivineet27 . Niyo Global by SBM does support SEK. Stay tuned for some exciting stuff which is brewing at Niyo. :grinning:

If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again!

Hey @Arshsingla . Could you please let us know if you’re using an Android or an iOS device?

Hi Ashrith
I am using android phone.

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@Sai ,

Thank you for the information, I already hold a savings account in SBM bank , can this be linked to the Niyo Global Card? Are there any plans to keep the debit card lifetime free ( with some conditions to meet ) ? As I feel the charges to be exorbitant !


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Hey @Tousif27 . Even though you are an existing SBM Bank user, you can still open a Niyo Global by SBM account. We would definitely love to hear feedback once you try the beta app.


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I am Arun Kumar Selvam.
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