Niyo SBM not working on POS and ATM

My new VISA niyo global SBM debit card is not being honored at POS / ATM. At POS neither tap or swipe is working. Ticket Id 1015750 has been raised. But repeatedly the suggestion provided by customer support is lock unlock the card, set limits etc. I had done all these suggested hacks. Still no luck, now I am being suggested that I will get a replacement card. I am not sure just sending a replacement card of the same bank how would that solve, I have a flight in a week. If the replacement card doesn’t work. I willn’t even have time to apply for some other card provider. Really bad customer experience. The SBM card worked on Amazon India website though, but the balance in SBM account isn’t updated. Seems like lot of issues. This card/app isn’t worthy to be called even in Beta stage. Request you to please allow onboarding onto DCB.

Hi @Prashant_Ujjwal ,

Firstly welcome to the Niyo Community!

Sorry for the experience you had :frowning: This issue has been highlighted and we are working around to fix the same, as confirmed by our team we shall help you with a replacement card as soon as possible.

In addition to it as its a beta phase product we always suggest users to carry an alternative / backup while travelling.


Will replacement solve the problem or there r still chances that it might not work ?
Do we know why the previous card wasn’t working ? I hope some deep dive was done before providing a blanket solution of issuing a replacement card.

Niyo SBM card not working at abroad and not even receiving OTP on mobile. Please solve the issue ASAP.

Hi @kvnptl,

Could we please request you to raise this concern with our in app support team? You can reach out to them from Niyo SBM App> Menu > Support, it would be easier for us to track your details accordingly.


Yes, I created two tickets for that Ticket id: 1034828 and 1032252. But still the issue is not solved. Eagerly waiting for the solution. Please enable receiving OTP via email.