Niyo SBM Global card unboxing

Just received my Niyo SBM global debit card ordered on 21st July.
The packing is good. It comes with passport holder, account details leaflet, SOC leaflet, TnC booklet.
Card design is good but being a premium card it lacks the premium touch somewhat I feel.

Hi @goneo we are thrilled to have you on board with us. Glad that you have received your Niyo SBM welcome kit. We’ll be forwarding your feedback to our teams and see how better we can improve it. It’s our constant endeavor to provide the best experience to all our users.

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The welcome kit looks really stunning but I feel you on the card part…the design of the card can be improved at least I feel the NiyoX card looks far better

Woah… its true that the box looks premium. And also you received it in 4-5 days. Mine is showing 9th Aug :sweat_smile:

I received my box yesterday. The Passport holder is a nice touch but the card itself is terrible - has thousands of scratches.
The card quality definitely doesn’t match its features. A metal card would have been nice but at the very least we expect a pristine card without any scratches. :unamused:

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So does it come with our name printed?

I received My Niyo Global SBM debit card 3-4 days ago. Debit card quality [plastic] is not up to mark. As Niyo Global SBM account is a premium account. What is Niyo’s view on issuing optional Metal debit card without Niyo Global SBM account.