Niyo SBM Debit Card Delivery

I haven’t received my Niyo SBM card yet. I applied for it on 12th August and I am travelling in 2 days. I need the card ASAP, Delhivery tracking shows it has arrived at my destination on August 17th but I’m not sure why it isn’t getting delivered. Can this please be escalated so I have the card before I leave?
Tracking ID: 5960512159371

Once the card have dispatched then it is in delhivery’s hand, Sender can’t do anything to make it fast. You can contact your local office of delhivery and also collect your courier from delhivery’s office which you can see in the tracking details.

In my case debit card pulling back by shipper in middle of transit.
It reached final delivery station yesterday but didn’t delivered it and returning to the RTO.

God knows what’s happening :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::no_mouth:

The sender is in case the client and can escalate if the card is not delivered as per their SLA.

@kevin1 raise an issue with delhivery. also if you could find delhivery hub near you, then contact them and visit them. You should be able to collect it from there

Delhivery has literally the worst service of the courier services out there.