Niyo SBM charge if any

Can you please tell us about detailed information of these questions -

  1. Is there any account opening charge?
  2. Is there maintain minimum average balance ?
  3. Is there any account maintenance charges for SBM account & other wealth facilities ?
  4. Is there any charges for ever for virtual card only?
  5. Can we use as regular saving account as like NiyoX ( equitas ) without any charges?
    Please specify if any changes applicable

Hey Roshan! We’d recommend you to visit the link: Learn everything you need to know about Niyo Global by SBM
All your queries are already addressed here. :grin: LK

Could not get exact answer however I found answer as-

  1. No charge for opening account.
  2. No minimum Balance required if only beed virtual card.
  3. Can do all regular tx. with UPI too with no extra charge.
    Am I right ?

Yes, you are! Please let us know if there’s any other query that you need answering, we’ll do our best to help you with the needed information. LK

I think they charge rs 500 plus gst from second year.

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Hey @sjindals! There are no charges for Niyo Global by SBM. The annual maintenance charges for the debit card are waived off.


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