Niyo SBM card not working

I got the Niyo SBM card(physical). I tried swiping it near a merchant for a purchase and the card got declined. I tried in the ATM still the card is declined with error(087- Unable to Process). I have sufficient balance in the account. All the options are enabled in the Niyo application. I tried locking and unlocking all the options again. Still the issues persists. I am not able to contact niyo customer care. I have an international travel soon. Please help me resolve this issue fast.

Hey @saiteja ! Welcome to Niyo Community! We’re sorry you had to face this issue. Could you please help us with the follow-up questions? I’ve DM’ed you.

I’ve been facing the same issue as well. The niyo team has asked for time to look into the matter. Have you found a solution ?

No, It’s been more than 10 days. Still, the issue is not resolved.