Niyo SBM card failing in ATM withdrawal and POS transactions

I am attaching a mail trail by Niyo Customer Service from 14th Sept, 2021 to 2nd October, 2021, in which I reported the issue that ATM and POS Transactions fail in my Niyo SBM card. All the information and required documents were provided on time, but its really disappointing to know that your customer service is not proactive enough to address an URGENT query and keep lingering on the same thing rather than solving the problem.
I had attached a transaction decline slip for reference on 15th Sep, 2021. On 21st Sep, 2021 it was assured that my card is dispatched to my abroad address by one of the members of customer service.
Days after, on following up on the same, I’ve been given the link (TWICE) to fill up the form to dispatch the new card to my current address.
Please go through the whole mail trail to understand my concern and how pathetic a customer service experience have been so far.NIYO SBM CARD NOT WORKING.pdf (222.4 KB)

If you are really concerned about your new Beta users, who are already facing multiple issues in Niyo SBM Beta app, then resolve this issue asap.

Hey @R000433689 ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. We’re sorry that you had to go through this. But, trust me. We’ve received your response via the form and your card will shortly be dispatched to your abroad address and I’ll DM you the AWB here in the community once it’s dispatched.


Hi @ashrithjain,
I am still waiting for the AWB number. Hopefully my card is dispatched by now.

Hey @R000433689 ! I’ve DM’ed here in the community.

@ashrithjain I am still waiting for AWB number.

Hey @R000433689 ! I’ve pinged you the status update here in community.