Niyo Money Demat account AMC charges

Hello and grettings
I just downloaded the Niyo money app and was prompted that I could trade stocks and efts/ipos but was not clear on the amc charges for the demat and trading account.
So could someone elaborate all the charges

Thanks in advance

Hi! Here is an FAQ with the answers you need :slight_smile: What are the charges to invest in Stocks & ETFs? : Niyo Money Help Centre

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Thanks for the link to the SOC but please clarify… I have a CDSL demat account with IIFL which has holdings of less than 50k so now if I opt for a second account on Niyo will it cost 0/- or 25/- p.m.? :thinking:

@ScottishBaron 25 Per month

@Apoorv_Mittal thanks for the clarification arigato gozaimasu🙏🏻

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