Niyo money account creation error in NiyoX app

Hi! There seems to be a problem while registering for NIYO money within the NioyX app. When done half way through, during the Step2 i.e Verification via “Signzy”, I get redirected to Signzy through the in-app browser, but before i proceed it asks for location permission and to refresh the page.
Hence I provide location permission to the NIYOX app, but there’s no button to refresh that page, as your in app browser doesn’t have any function buttons or reload button to proceed further. Please, fix the issue.

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Hi Pratyush,

Very sorry that we missed replying here earlier :frowning:

We have now fixed this issue and improved our onboarding flow. We have created an in-house onboarding flow, and you will no longer need to go through the Signzy pages.

If your account has not been activated yet, then you can try to update the app, and use our new onboarding flow. In case you face any difficulties at all, I request you to please reach out to us at and I’ll be happy to help.