Niyo is not servisable in pune, then How to complete full KYC?

I am leaving in pune. Due to covid-19 i am not able to complete my full KYC for the account. I heard that now niyo is not servisable in pune,so how should I complete full KYC for account?
I am not happy with the account having limitation of 1 lakh, I want full operational account with no limitations.
Please suggest any alternative to complete full kyc of my account.

Thank you

Hey Amrut! As of now, the biometric service is available in the following cities only: Mumbai, Delhi, Cochin, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai. Let us know whenever you are travelling to any of these cities and we will arrange for biometrics for you. SR

Same problem in Indore.
I only asked my grandfather to make an account because KYC was possible in Indore.

Kindly sort this out and please help with Video KYC

You can hire agencies (like ICICI has Bizipac) to do your KYC for you.
Please solve this on priority.

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