Niyo IDFC Visa Platinum Card Queries


Kindly address following queries on Niyo IDFC Visa Platinum debit card.

  1. How much is the atm withdrawal limit per day?
  2. How much is the online / e-pos spending limit per day
  3. How many free withdrawals in IDFC ATMs & other ATMs per month?
  4. ATM charges after crossing free limit.
  5. SMS alert charges if any
  6. Any reward points on shopping with this card?
  7. Free airport lounge access available with this card?

Awaiting for clarifications. Thanks.

I want to know my debit cum atm card issuance fees and annual charges please elaborate it.

Hey Alan! Please find the below resolutions:

  1. Daily Cash Limit - 1 lakh, Domestic ATMs- 50,000, International ATMs- 50,000
  2. Daily Cash Limit - 2 lakh, Domestic - 1,50,000, International - 50,000
  3. 5 transactions free
  4. 6th transaction onwards - ₹20+GST
  5. No
  6. No
  7. No
    Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the reply.

5 free ATM transactions per month is including both IDFC and non IDFC ATMs?

Please clarify.

Hey, Alan – Your understanding is correct, overall free ATM withdrawals per month including both IDFC and non-IDFC bank ATMs is 5.

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Atm charges for international transaction?

This is a discrepancy based on what is mentioned on your website and FAQ. As per FAQ, no charges. Please clarify.

Is there a fee for ATM withdrawals?

No charges for ATM Withdrawals within India. money from any ATM without worrying about extra charges

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