Niyo IDFC Savings account debit card vs IDFC FIRST Bank signature debit card -- UNLIMITED domestic ATM transactions

I have mailed and messaged numerous times of Whatsapp but have not got any reply which is why I am posting here. Please help!

I see that the Niyo IDFC Savings account requires an inital deposit of 10K and then its zero balance after I get the card. But, are the charges for Niyo IDFC Savings debit card similar to IDFC FIRST Bank signature debit card. Charges of the IDFC FIRST Bank signature debit card are listed here:

I am specifically interested interested in free UNLIMITED domestic ATM transactions. Niyo IDFC Savings debit card by default provides only 5 domestic ATM transactions per month where as IDFC FIRST Banksignature debit card provides UNLIMITED domestic ATM transactions if MAB of 25000 is maintained. Is it possible to get UNLIMITED domestic ATM transactions with Niyo IDFC Savings debit card if I maintain a higher MAB (e.g. 250000)?

I am thinking of opening an IDFC FIRST Bank savings account. If I can get that with the Niyo IDFC Savings account, for the same charges or no charges, then it is better to go with the latter.

Please also do confirm that the Niyo IDFC Savings account debit card has NO annual or joining fee.

Please reply so that I can take this forward. Thanks!

Hey there! Welcome to the Niyo Community. As of now, we do not have the option for free unlimited domestic ATM transactions. The first 5 transactions are free, post that the ATM transactions are chargeable. And there are no annual or joining fees for the Niyo IDFC FIRST Savings account. Just at the time to creating the account, you will need to make a deposit of Rs.10,000/- which will be credited to your account once it is created. Post that, you can use the complete funds if you wish to, as it is a zero balance account. SR

Subu, is there charges for the Niyo IDFC Debit Card? I am talking about the Visa Platinum card I got after opening the account.

Hey Aby! There are no charges for the Niyo IDFC FIRST debit card. The first card comes free with the savings account. SR

Thanks Subu for your reply. Now I have a separate problem. The Rs. 10000 payment on the Niyo IDFC app failed twice. I have created a separate thread for it explore other methods to open this account and to know why Rs. 10000 payment on Niyo IDFC fails constantly.

Hello @Subu, I got a mail from Niyo CS (Deepak) last week and the same was confirmed on phone by Antony from Niyo CS. Domestic ATM withdrawals are also completely FREE (UNLIMITED) is for Niyo IDFC saving account if MAB of Rs. 25000 is maintained. Hope this info will help others Thanks!


Thank you @maashish for posting this. Maintaining a balance of Rs.25,000/- will enable you to avail free domestic ATM transactions. SR

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