Niyo idfc sa video kyc

Hello everyone in the Niyo community.
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I’m a new user to niyo IDFC account. The experience was good in the app.
There is a suggestion from me. It would be better if Niyo starts video KYC as soon as possible or allow us to go and complete biometrics at IDFC bank branches. Due to this tough days it’s hard to get cities listed by you.



Hey Fernas! Welcome to the Niyo Family! We truly appreciate your feedback and suggestions to improve the user experience. We have passed your feedback to the team and we will strive to offer you a better experience. LK


Yeah. IDFC bank is your partner right. So, if you can give them allowance to do full KYC whether online or by visiting them. Because they have branches nearby.
Thank you

I totally agree with @Frequent_Traveller. Video KYC will certainly make the full KYC process very smooth for customers.

Hey Fernas! The final step involves the biometric to be taken and verified. With Video KYC we won’t be able to achieve that and hence it has to be completed once an agent visits you. LK

Hey Srivastava! Please be assured, we are constantly working towards providing the best services and making the experience smooth for our customers. Your feedback is what helps us understand what we need to do to achieve more in that direction. We sincerely thank you for your time. LK

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There are many ways to do like other banks doing. For eg IDFC itself is doing like CKYC(centralized KYC) it will fetch details like fingerprint and everything from UIDAI directly.

Check it out.


Biometric KYC is last step for this account.
Either you do it in nearest IDFC BANK branch or do vedio KYC.
I think this is best customer help towards this account. Otherwise no one will use frequency for any payment. And he will feel unrelaxed to put mony in their accounts.
And your aim for this idfc partnership will touch at its higher level.
Hope it will


Hey Anurag! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We’ve shared it with the team and we will strive to offer you a better experience as we go. Stay tuned! LK

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