Niyo IDFC Not Working - Extremely Poor App and Customer Service


I have been a user of Niyo IDFC for past several months. Customer service at Niyo has been appalling from Day 1.

Here are some issues I have faced for which I never received a resolution -

  1. Address Rectification: The team at Niyo/IDFC incorrectly updated my mailing address in the system at the time of account opening. I raised a ticket a Niyo. They said, you would need to approach IDFC First bank , once they change it at their end , we will make the change. So during Covid times, I went to the IDFC First branch and got the address changed. I again raised a ticket at Niyo asking to update the address in Niyo’s backend. They now said, we don’t have address change capability in our system!

  2. Delete and Reinstall the app: This is advised for every other issue we face in Niyo app. It has NEVER worked for me but your tech specialist never fail to advise it.

  3. International Payments Not Working: I have been using the Niyo card for making USD payments for last several months. This was the only thing that was working properly but since this morning, this has also stopped. I logged in to find that my international transaction limit has been set to some random number of INR 27/- When I tried to update it, the green slider in the app doesn’t move at all. I have tried all possible settings.
    I tried contacting your customer support. After the usual process of point #2 mentioned above, they asked me to wait for some time. After passage of that “some time”, I received a response asking me to use IDFC BHIM app to make international payments! This is maddening. Can you employ better customer support who read the tickets?

I have my USD payments to make, is it possible some one higher up in your organisation read and understand my query and fix it?


Hey Ankur! We sincerely regret the inconvenience. We are looking into the matter and we will get back to you with an update as soon as we can. LK

It looks like the RBI mandate to by default set the limit for all international transactions to 0 on all debit cards has been implemented poorly by IDFC First bank. This was implemented from 13th Jan 2021 and IDFC sent a message to me stating that the limit has been reset and in case needed please update using the IDFC banking website or the App. But neither of them have an option to set international transaction limit. I uave raised a ticket to Niyo as well on this matter. But I feel this is a problem with IDFC bank. I have a account with Niyo DCB bank and have no issues there. The IDFC banking app it self was very buggy and slow. I suggest to use the DCB bank which is far better.

@ankur @dinakartin
Dude they have blocked both domestic and international usage on my card. Everytime I try to transact, I get an sms saying “You cannot withdraw more balance than you have”, and I’m only trying to transact with ₹10.

Their customer support is extremely poor, and I have experienced everything that you have, and more. I have infinite email chains and WhatsApp convos going on with them, and they have the audacity to tell me nothing is wrong with my card. Been going through this since November 30th, my card only worked for LITERALLY TWO transactions, it has been useless ever since.

@Lucky Is there an update on this matter? It has already been 3 days. Looks like several people are facing the same issue and you promised 48 hours to fix it.

Hey Ankur! We sincerely regret the delay and hope that you are not facing any further difficulty. Thank you for your patience. LK

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