Niyo IDFC just turned off my International payments

Why were my international payments turned off?

The limits have been reset to 0 and no international transactions are going through.

Please investigate and let me know.

I get an error saying “Limits are greater than maximum allowed limits”

And when I try to adjust the limits the app doesn’t allow me to do that. No tap registered, no sliding. Nothing. Wow.


Same here …I get a msg out of the blue that limits are revised n upon checking I find my card to be disabled…

Mine also. International transactions has been turned off automatically. And got a message from idfc that , POS is disabled . And cannot turn ON neither by NIYO nor by IDFC

Hey Anush! Thank you for your time on call. We are investigating your issue and we will get back to you once we have an update in the matter. LK

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We regret the hassle. Please rest assured, we are currently looking into this and we will provide an update shortly. LK

It looks like the RBI mandate to by default set the limit for all international transactions to 0 on all debit cards has been implemented poorly by IDFC First bank. This was implemented from 13th Jan 2021 and IDFC sent a message to me stating that the limit has been reset and in case needed please update using the IDFC banking website or the App. But neither of them have an option to set international transaction limit. I have raised a ticket to Niyo as well on this matter. But I feel this is a problem with IDFC bank. I have a account with Niyo DCB bank and have no issues there. The IDFC banking app it self was very buggy and slow. I suggest to use the DCB bank which is far better.

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