Niyo IDFC interest rates

Is the interest rate changed now for IDFC savings account?
Also the app is not working for Niyo IDFC on iPhone

Hey @digantiitr, there have been few issues with the Niyo IDFC app. We are delighted to inform you that IDFC FIRST Bank has launched a comprehensive new app covering all the savings account requirements you may have. Here is the App Store link to the app:
With this new app, you’ll have access to personalised features such as analysis and auto-categorisation of your income and expenses, two-click FD booking, and super fast payments and investments at your fingertips. This app is the best way to avail the Bank’s full range of financial solutions.
Rest assured that your account will be exactly the same and fully accessible via this new app, and your account and services will continue unabated with IDFC FIRST bank.
If you have made any investments through the Niyo IDFC app, you can also find them in our Niyo Money app.
And the new interest rates are as per the IDFC FIRST bank. It is 4%-5% depending on balance slabs. To know more, please reach out to the IDFC FIRST support team. SR