Niyo idfc full kyc

Hello Niyo,

I’ve a doubt regarding completing niyo IDFC
Account biometrics(Full KYC). I’m also trying to open an account with IDFC first bank. Till now my Full KYC for niyo is not completed. So if i open amd account with IDFC first bank, will my Biometrics for niyo will also get completed?

Please anwers this question. As many of them have this doubt.

Niyo agent himself ask me about it. He told that if i hold an account with IDFC no need to complete biometrics for Niyo IDFC.

Hey there! Sincere apologies for the miss. Please note that if you have IDFC FIRST Savings account and the biometrics for that is already completed, you don’t need to complete the biometrics for the Niyo IDFC FIRST Savings account. However, if you have Niyo IDFC FIRST Savings account, but you are applying for a IDFC FIRST Savings account, account biometrics will be required to complete. LK

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