Niyo IDFC First Saving account (Waitlist)

Hi Team,

Please process the request of Niyo IDFC First Saving accounts. A whole lot of people are on the waitlist and also not on the waitlist.

IDFC First bank not process saving account as this much late. I have verified through call customer care & also I have an account in IDFC First Bank. Just 1 week, all they need to complete full KYC.

Please process fast. Already I am waiting in 70,000+ queue.

I hope the response will be positive.

Partha Das

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Hey Parth! Welcome to Niyo community.

We understand how tedious an await can get. Stay tuned for more updates to complete the further process. VS

Now i am so frustrated how much you take to clear your waitlist i am on waitlist since may i want to open niyo idfc first bank account but they didn’t want please clear your waitlist

How long? Is Niyo just stopped grewing their customer? Then please close this project. I am pretty sure that from IDFC side there are no issue. If there is any issue, contact the bank to take over the account opening process.

I just gave KYC details to open Niyo IDFC savings account.

After I add Money of 10k, will my account be activated right away or will there be some other verification ?

or will there be any agent verification after adding money?

When have you applied?

Have not completed full process yet. Just stopped at the add money step.

If verification is mandatory, I can’t do it now as I am not in a city now and moved to my home town because of covid where I don’t think these guys will have agent verification process

Please do your full kyc under 365 days anytime

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My niyo idfc account open successfuly thanks niyo

how to do full kyc of my account any one knows

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