Niyo IDFC First Bank Savings Account

Niyo IDFC First Bank Card is started distributing in Kerala? Have anyone from Kerala received it?

Hey Alan! Due to the current situations, our services have been very limited and as such we have yet not been able to start serving in Kerela. ∞LK

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@lucky Hi, Niyo have any anticipated date for starting registration in Kerala?

Hey Alan! Please note that due to unavoidable reasons, we will not be able to onboard customers in your location now & in the near future. We deeply regret the inconvenience. ∞VS

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@Suryashashank Hello, that’s really unfortunate. May I know what is the reason behind this?

Hey Alan! Due to the current dynamic circumstances, we will be unable to onboard users from your location. Appreciate your understanding! ∞VS

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Dear Sir I am have many our retailer there monthly commission pay in niyo idfc saving account pls send mobile no.

Mostafa Molla