Niyo IDFC first bank account

I WANT TO KNOW WHY Rs.10,000/- is asked at sign up?
Isn’t it Zero Balance account?
Please clarify with details.

Why there is NO terms & conditions, charges, Minimum balance details about it on your website as well as app?
It is not available on IDFC website also for this account.
Isn’t it unfair?

And in the app (Niyo IDFC) it say 6% interest up 1Lac and above that 7%.
I can’t find it on IDFC banks webiste neither on yours.
So is it true or you are trying to fool customers and say that it is now reduced after someone opens the bank account?

After posting here I went through some reviews on play store, quora, etc.
Now I feel your customer support, transparency,etc. needs alot more improvement to trust you with our money.


Hi @NiyoIDFCFirst, welcome to Niyo Community!

We would like to inform you that we at Niyo have stopped on-boarding for new IDFC customers through us. For all our existing Niyo IDFC customers, we have already communicated to use the IDFC FIRST Bank app instead of Niyo IDFC app as the IDFC app covers all the savings account requirements and is the best way to avail of the Bank’s full range of financial solutions. It can be downloaded from the link:

If you wish to open an IDFC savings account, you may visit IDFC website and reach out their support for any further assistance.


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Why are you telling that its under standard maintenance AFTER taking tons of information like mobile number,email,full name,etc.

You could just have mentioned it at the beginning.

@NiyoIDFCFirst regret the inconvenience! The feedback is already shared with our team, and we are working on it to make the necessary changes.


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Niyo IDFC Savings Account product is no longer available, as well as the Niyo IDFC Debit card is discontinued for new users. … The Niyo IDFC Savings Account will continue to be a zero balance account, and the Niyo IDFC Debit Card will continue to function with its 0% Forex Markup…
In near future is Niyo IDFC first Bank products will b come back ??? many people wants IDFC first bank with Niyo… @NiyoIDFCFirst @Vinay_Bagri