Niyo Idfc card is notworking I am not able to to transaction on websites

My Niyo idfc debit card is not working it always say transaction not processed by your bank.
Its been 7 days customer support is really bad what to do now ? they always say We will update

we will update
we will update
Thats it

Hey Neeraj! We sincerely regret the delay in getting this resolved. As checked, your issue is already being investigated by our team and we have also raised it to the bank to get it reviewed. We will get back to you in the matter as soon as we get an update. LK

Same issue with me. Do you get an error sms? What does it say? In my case I get an sms that says i dont have enough balance, which I do.

I’ve been chasing support for over 5 weeks now, and they don’t help at all.

Funny thing is they closed my case without knowing me :joy::joy: seriously what a service how they can do that.

They told me they will be back and today they closed my case and still it’s not working

Hey Neeraj! We sincerely regret if the issue has still not been resolved for you. As per the update that we have received, with the new changes there shouldn’t have had any problem. Kindly confirm if you have updated the application. In case you have and things still are the same, we will surely ask the team to re-investigate your case. LK

Its already updated app, IDFC Niyo is having only one update :slight_smile: kindly understand how they can resolve an issue without emailing me, I hope you understand.

My debit card is not working on any website should I share everything with you. Your team can use my debit card and check whenever they want and let me know when they do something its been 2 weeks now .

Hey Neeraj! We see that the team had responded to the service ticket 869621 at around 3.17 pm with the update that your issue is resolved and then only the ticket was marked resolved.

Being said that, please be assured, we have informed the team that your issue is still unresolved and it is currently being re-investigated at our end. LK

This is happening to me too.

I think some Niyo IDFC system is turning off people’s ability to spend abroad without any warning or any permission. Nutty stuff. I hope they fix it.

Do update here if it’s fixed.



I think this had been done for all IDFC bank customers. It had been turned off as per RBI mandate. I tried to install the IDFC banks app directly and it does not work there itself so don’t expect it to work in the Niyo app. This had to be fixed by IDFC bank.

Can you please tell me where they have written something or asked me anything they closed their own this is called one side communication when you don’t ask to other party is your problem is resolved or not . This is just a automated reply

No it will be fix by Niyo only niyo and niyo

This was the wording of Idfc bank customer care 🤦🤦🤦🤦 He told me only niyo will handle it .

I am going to be 24 Soon in March hope they will resolve before it

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lmaooooooooooooooooo :sob::joy::heart:

Please be assured that we are already working on this issue and it should get resolved in the next 48 hours. Meanwhile, kindly use the IDFC APP or IDFC NetBanking services. We regret the inconvenience caused. LK

Yeah same for me man. @Neeraj_Negi
I’ve been wasting time with these folks since Nov 30. Yes, my card hasn’t worked since Nov 30. They keep saying there’s no problem. I even sent them a video of it, but they don’t want to help.

It’s been 11 days card is still not working literally shit

Not resolved it’s been 11 days ,. Please close this account

Hey Please Don’t show this because this is nothing you resolved your issue own your own

Any updates it’s going to be month now

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