Niyo IDFC app needs an immediate update

Niyo IDFC app needs an immediate update. Doesn’t have any update since release which is 19 Nov 2020. Its terrible idea to use a finance app with a 3.6-star rate in play store and 2.8-star rate in the App Store. Before separating Niyo IDFC and Niyo global, the app was rated high in play store. Rating of Niyo Global goes down due to a short notice period for the annual maintenance charge of Global card however Niyo IDFC got some serious issues. Niyo IDFC provides vast features. Due to bugs in the app, it is next to impossible to use even the essential features of the app let alone its vast features.
Though the policy of ₹10,000 MAB changed into an initial deposit of ₹10,000, same not updated in the app yet.
Failure of initial ₹10,000 deposit through the app.
Unable to set up UPI in BHIM IDFC First bank, Paytm and google pay. Taking many days for UPI payment which should be instantaneous.
Failure of IMPS, NEFT and UPI.
There are a debit card activation error and debit freeze issues.
Worst of all account showing negative balance and account freeze.
Worst Customer cares service.
Although I have an account one of my friends was facing some of the issues, I faced UPI failure problem.


Hey Sai! First of all, we truly appreciate you taking your time and sharing this feedback with us. We understand your concerns and we assure you that we are constantly striving towards fixing the bugs and improving the experience that you have with us. The negative balance issue has been fixed along with the other issues highlighted by customers such as yourselves. If there is any issue that persisted with you, we request you to share that with us so that we can investigate it further. LK

Sir you just give hopeless hopes not resolution. I contacted you for an serious issue regarding my account but you ignored it. So much thank you for such appreciatable service.

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