Niyo IDFC App Bug V 1.2.65


After latest update of the Niyo App (V 1.2.65), the card status is showing as “Processing”. But my card was delivered months ago!

Mine looks fine despite having latest version of the app (V 1.2.65). How about reinstalling it ?

Didn’t try that. Need to check.

Same here! I also noticed the same issue following the latest update. Maybe they’ll roll out another patch soon.


Tried reinstalling. Still no change. It’s a bug.

Hey @Alan_Abraham,

I guess Niyo’s technical team eavesdropped our conversation coz I see it at my end too…lol !! I guess since Niyo hadnt rolled out debit cards , we ordered it through idfc netbanking which probably might have not been updated at their end.

Hey @Tousif27,

“NIYO EAVES DROPPED OUR CONVERSATION” :joy::joy:Lol!! I can’t laugh more!

So you are facing the bug? Earlier it was fine for you right?

Yup it was fine until yesterday but today I see the same bug under card settings. :thinking: