NIYO IDFC Account set up Failed -No Resolution received from past 15 days

NIYO team support is pathetic and there was no transparent resolution response to Account set up failure issues.

As a new customer we expect, it shall be very transparent and reasonable in resolving new customer account set up issues.

Very hard to digest, what Niyo support team action plan, whenever customer ask for issue resolution?

Sure Niyo support team don’t have any control in setting up IDFC account.

To summarize, there was no reliable customer support for idfc account setup issue resolution.

Hey Sarojini! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We’re very sorry to hear that you had such an experience with the support team. We are always working towards the best interest of our users and we’ll surely take this as feedback & share it with the team. Also as checked, we would like to notify you that we will not be able to onboard you currently. Any inconvenience is highly regretted. ∞LK

The customer intent is get the niyo to provide reasons for ‘not able to on-board’?

The customer’s expectation is to digest what corrective details to be shared with the niyo team to enable on-board.

Hope you provide accurate reasons for not being able to help customer.

Stop your response with zero confidence in niyo team customer support

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