Niyo IDFC account not activated

Hi. 2 weeks. 3 tickets. And 1 escalation to your ceo via a LinkedIn. No resolution. And every time am told 24-48 hours ETA. Can you please close my account and return my money? Thanks.

Hey Vinay! Welcome to the Niyo Community! The issue should be resolved now. We request you to check once and confirm if you are facing any other concern. Thank you for your patience. LK

Same issue with my friend too and he now very upset cause all he funds has been stucked and as I’ve already suffered from Niyo support team is pathetic they have only one word please wait for 24-48 hrs.
Before niyo service are too good but don’t know how in sudden changes to worst.
And niyo app is not working since a week and there team is sleeping and everyone is suffering cause of them.

Hey Ashish! Kindly DM us the registered details of your friend so that we may have a look and assist him with his concern. LK