Niyo IDFC Account Charges Query

What are the following for Niyo IDFC Savings Account:-

  1. Annual Maintenance Charges on Debit Card?
  2. Reissuance Charge on Debit Card?
  3. Non-Maintenance of Minimum Balance?
  4. Any other charges?

Hey Mohit!
Please refer to the below link for the SOC:


Hi @Bansari ,

The link provided is the TnC of IDFC’s 25k variant account, how exactly is this related to Niyo’s zero balance account ? Does it mean that our accounts will be changed to 25k MAB ? Please enlighten !

@Alan_Abraham : Look at their response, the game of transition has begun!


Hi Tousif,

Apologies for the confusion. The Niyo IDFC Account remains a zero AMB account and you will not be charged for non maintenance of account balance. We’ll be sharing with you the revised SOC from IDFC for Niyo Customers in a bit, thanks for your patience.

Hi @Tousif27

I’m closely watching each act of Niyo since End of November 2020. It’s very interesting for early Niyo adopters like us to watch how come a company can completely ignore thier flagship product & bunch of customers and jumping around new product.

Moreover the funny part is that, most of the so called innovative features Niyo are about to introduce to NiyoX was originally suggested by Niyo IDFC Customers in this community. Including debit card designs. Even the errors & glitches NiyoX customers facing are same too… Lol!! :grin::grin:

Since November 2020 whatever we ask about Niyo IDFC will get a robotic reply, “will expect an announcement soon.” :blush:

Hope that Niyo wont ditch the NiyoX customers like what they did with Niyo IDFC Customers in midway. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:t3:

lol…True that @Alan_Abraham …we were the first few ones who voted for their card designs, gave inputs on investment options, tried their new functionality n reported bugs. If you look at NiyoX interface,it’s a DNA copy of NiyoIDFC which they abandoned . They have made a lot of promises on at par user experience for NiyoX and are pumped up on reaching their 50k client base. Hope they don’t end up getting disappointed like how we are.

Exactly @Tousif27

Niyo are behaving like there is no such Niyo IDFC existed. Somewhere in this community I read one of their top management executive mentioned as Niyo IDFC was just a pilot project and NiyoX is their real product. So who are the Niyo IDFC Customers who trusted this never known company and adopted their offering at the beginning by supporting and trusting them, Guinea Pigs…???

I hope the top management reading this thread should come forward and give an answer to this !

Hey @Tousif27

Please do let us know if you have any specific issues related to your Niyo IDFC Account that you need resolution to. We’re always here to help. If not, you can download the IDFC First SA app to continue enjoying all your banking benefits. Nothing changes. :slight_smile:

ALso, here’s the SOC for your reference:
Niyo IDFC SOC.pdf (439.7 KB)


Hey @Aswathy_Nambiar ,

Yeah I’m facing a lot of issues with NiyoIDFC app. To start with, browsing on the app is a pain due to its sluggishness slow speed. Secondly I no longer get OTPs for any fund transfer initiated and thirdly none of the investments options such as invest change , buying MF is possible coz the page never opens. As a workaround, I’m using IDFC’s official app but I’d like to have all issues on my NitoIDFC app resolved. Thank you for the SOC doc, appreciate your help !


And that’s exactly why we’re recommending you to use the IDFC FIRST SA app @Tousif27 :slight_smile:

It’s a comprehensive new app by IDFC that covers all your banking needs. It’s contemporary and super-simplified, and the navigation is easier-than-ever with fewer clicks for convenience. This app is the best way to avail the Bank’s full range of financial solutions uninterrupted.

Rest assured that your account and services will be exactly the same and fully accessible via this new app. You’ll not miss anything!

So does this mean Niyo’s going to eventually scrap NiyoIDFC app permanently ?