Niyo Global SBM transactions details unavailable in app

Transactions details after 26 July 2021 are unavailable in Niyo Global SBM app.

Transaction details of payment done after 26 July are unavailable in niyo SBM app. I do transaction everyday from niyo Global SBM account.

Hi @Imraul ,

Just checking if you tried to refresh the transaction page by pulling the screen down?


I refresh page by pulling down it many times, still transaction details are unavailable

Hey @Imraul ! Could you please answer the follow-up question via DM!

I DM you my customer ID. :+1:

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@ashrithjain the same problem with me. Please help, I’m going to US in 2 days

Hi @Tejas_Lodaya,

This doesn’t seem right :frowning:

Could you bring this to the notice of our support team? You can reach out to them from Niyo App > Menu > Support. Rest assured we have a team whose only goal is seamless customer experience.