Niyo global SBM- Onboarding issues from App

I have created an account through niyo global app and completed all steps successfully. I also got sms that account creation is successful , but I am not able to login via app. . It’s always saying account creation is pending.

I have a send multiple mails to but no replies yet. ! My ticket number is 1136065 . Can you please check help me in resolving this issue ?

Hey @rahulmalavattom! Welcome to Niyo Community!

It looks like your account registration with the bank is still pending due to which you couldn’t log in to the Niyo Global by SBM app. We’ve escalated this to our concerned team and this may take some more time to get this resolved. We’ll connect with you once the issue is resolved.


The issue is still not fixed. It’s been 3 days. I’m planning to travel next week. So I think niyo card might not help me for this travel. Planning to switch to other options.

Update :
Account is still not opened even after a week. But I am still getting 4 to 8 messages everyday saying that 5he account creates successfully even if I didn’t try to login to app. No idea what’s going on :woozy_face:

I have the same issue and I have been waiting for 2 weeks, no updates yet.

Hey @rahulmalavattom! Regret the inconvenience! We have escalated this issue to the bank and are following up with them continuously. Unfortunately, it’s taking slightly taking longer time than expected. We’ll reach out to you on receiving an update from the bank.