Niyo Global foreign use

I will be leaving for France next month for a couple of days. Just wanted to know if anyone has used this card on their stay or trip to France or in the European union. Are there any issues or does it work smoothly? Can I completely rely on this card or should I take another forex card?

Hey @cricfreak007! We strongly believe that Niyo Global by SBM would be your to-go perfect traveller partner. You should be able to use hassle-free Niyo Global by SBM card for your international transactions in France. For any assistance, you can reach out to our 24/7 in-app Live Chat Support through the app.


What if I get stuck with this card not working in France would you send me a replacement? Is there any safety mechanism in place?

@cricfreak007 currently, we do not have the facility to dispatch the card abroad. If you raise a card replacement request, it will be sent to your registered communication address. We suggest you check here, whether the card is working for PoS/ATM/Online transactions before you leave abroad.

The reason I ask this is that I have seen a few posts in the community where people have had their card die on them. Is it a guarantee that if the card works in India it will work abroad as well?

@cricfreak007 we faced the card issue during the initial stage of the product launch. We’ve identified the issue and it has been fixed now. So that shouldn’t be a problem now. And yes, if PoS and ATM transactions are happening in India, card will work abroad too.