Niyo Global Card

How can I apply for this only real time exchange rate Niyo DCB Global card?

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Hey Puneet! You can directly write to with your name, number, and location & the team will reach out to you. Please note that the list of serviceable locations includes Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad & Bangalore. LK

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Is it available in Delhi NCR, ie Noida?

Yes, Puneet! Delhi NCR(Noida) shouldn’t be an issue. LK

Hi Lucky,

Already been five days since I sent the mail. I haven’t recieved any response so far.
Could you help?

We regret the delay Puneet. Please inbox us your number and location so that we can take it up for you. LK

Mobile no 9999918973.
Location, Sector 50, Noida (Delhi NCR)

Thanks, still waiting.

We have forwarded it to the team. You can expect a call shortly. LK

Thanks Lucky, KYC was done day before yesterday and the card was handed over.
I haven’t yet received any activation confirmation. Its been 48 hours now. Could that be done too so that the card and the application could be used.

Also, could the same KYC also be utilised for my NiyoX savings account?

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Hey Puneet, you will have received an SMS to activate your card already. The message usually arrives just under 4-8 hours after the card has been handed over. If that hasn’t been the case for you, kindly DM one of a Niyo representative regarding this issue and they’ll get it resolved at the earliest. And regarding the KYC being used for NiyoX account, “NO”, you cannot use the same KYC to create a NiyoX account. Creation of a NiyoX account requires a seperate procedure which has to be followed.

Stay safe,

Continuing the discussion from Niyo Global Card:

  1. Please share Niyo global representative contact information. I have not received any SMS so far, hence the above request.
  2. My NiyoX account is already opened. It requires KYC. So asked, as both from Niyo. NiyoX and Niyo Global; hopefully KYC will not be required again.

Hey, regarding #1) You may ping @Bansari or @Lucky for faster resolution.
Regarding #2) Same KYC is not applicable even tho both the products are from Niyo. Trust me, even I have both Niyo Global Card and NiyoX. So, for a fact, I know that both requires different KYC procedures.


Hey @Puneet_Pasricha, we are really sorry for the delay. We have requested the team and a representative will reach out to you soon regarding this. Also, as @jainashrith pointed out, since both the accounts are associated with different banks, the KYC has to be done separately. And we have requested the team to complete your biometric verification for NiyoX account. Kindly schedule/ re-schedule the same from the NiyoX app. We will make sure that it is carried out smoothly. SR

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Thanks Mr Subrata Roy. Waiting.


Hello community,

My card has still not been activated. Pathetic. I have been in touch with your representative, Mr Mishra, he doesn’t have a clue! He keeps promising that it will be done, and that there is no problem. He has stopped picking up my calls since yesterday.

As you can see for yourself from this thread, that its been quite some time since I have been trying to get you all to issue me a working as promised global card! I wonder now if it will work even if you say its activated, etc!!!

Didn’t expect this kind of service. Just thought I’d let you all know, as you maybe from a different team?!!

I am from the customer team, and all of you from the bank team. That’s it, as far as I am concerned.

Hope you guys can get your act together.

Hi Puneet,

Inconvenience regretted :frowning:

I shall give you a clarity on the same by EOD.

Appreciate your patience.


Hi Puneet,

Just confirming that team is working on the same and we shall get back to with a resolution at the earliest.

Appreciate your patienece :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Bansari,

Any progress? Still waiting.

Regret the delay Puneet. The team is still working on this. We shall let you know as soon as we have an update. SR

Hi Puneet,

Hope you had a word with our team regarding your KYC.Kindly get back to us in case of any queries.