Niyo global card delivery

Hi, I ordered my card from the niyo app on Sunday, but the app still shows me pending action. Also when I try to track my order, the delhivery site shows no order active.

Hey @ASHUTOSH_JINDAL ! Once you’ve successfully ordered your Niyo Global Visa Signature ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit card, you’ll get the card within 6 - 15 business days.

This is a bug we’re fixing it as we speak.

Happy :niyo_community:iyo Banking,

Hi @ashrithjain I’m using my card for last 15 days or more but app says pending action. To order card add 5k. Please fix this bug.ASAP

Hey @Irshad_Ali ! Yes, we’re currently working on it. This should be resolved in the upcoming build(s) of the app.


Niyo global debit card can delivery overseas address ie UAE

Do you courier the card overseas?

Hey @Pranoy! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Currently, we do not have the facility to courier the card overseas. It will be delivered to the registered communication address. One has to make their own arrangements.


This card is eligible for NRIs though right?

Hey @Pranoy! All resident Indians above the age of 18 years can sign up for a Niyo Global by SBM Account. NRIs and minors are not eligible at present.