Niyo global card delivery

Hi, I ordered my card from the niyo app on Sunday, but the app still shows me pending action. Also when I try to track my order, the delhivery site shows no order active.

Hey @ASHUTOSH_JINDAL ! Once you’ve successfully ordered your Niyo Global Visa Signature ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit card, you’ll get the card within 6 - 15 business days.

This is a bug we’re fixing it as we speak.

Happy :niyo_community:iyo Banking,

Hi @ashrithjain I’m using my card for last 15 days or more but app says pending action. To order card add 5k. Please fix this bug.ASAP

Hey @Irshad_Ali ! Yes, we’re currently working on it. This should be resolved in the upcoming build(s) of the app.