Niyo Global by SBM Lifetime free debit card?

Is the Niyo Global by SBM Bank Savings Account is a zero balance account with debit card available for lifetime free if I sign up today?

Are there any charges on the Niyo Global SBM Bank debit card for international ATM withdrawal?

Hey @vaishnoraj!

Indeed it is!

For International ATM withdrawal, you will be charged for ₹100+GST, which sums up to ₹118/-. LK

Thank you, Lucky!!

So the Niyo Global SBM Bank debit card will have no joining fees and no annual fees ever if I sign up today?

Yes! Sign up today and be a part of our ever-growing family. :grin:

@Lucky what about us (current users) ?

Hey @Irshad_Ali! Even for the current users, there is no annual fee on the physical debit card. We’ve waived it off.


Hello @Deepak , is it possible that in the future Niyo could change from a lifetime free debit card to an annual fee card which could affect existing users? Or will it be just for the new users if you plan to change it to an annual fee card?

We don’t have any such plans for the foreseeable future @vaishnoraj. Rest assured, any change in this will be communicated well in advance to all the users. Thank you!

Ohh that’s great news :smiley:@Deepak

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