Niyo Global by DCB - Account Creation

Hi Team,

When NIYO Global DCB Card product will be up? Can you let us know the tentative Go-Live date of this product? My travel to Maldives is on next month so i need this card before that ? I could not trust beta version for now. I want hassle free experience. So, please let me know the Go-Live date of DCB Global Niyo Card. I can make my decision accordingly to go for Beta card or not.

Thanks and Regards,
Ronak Jain.

Hey @Ronak_Jain ! Niyo Global by DCB is undergoing product enhancements. I’d recommend you to sign-up for Niyo Global by SBM.


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Hey @ashrithjain ,
just now I was trying to create an account on Noyo global DCB but in Location selection it is not showing “Ahmedabad” in list of cities. what should I do?