Niyo Global Balance not updating and can't transfer money back to my other bank account


I have created your account on Sept 1dt and kept a balance for 5000 rupees till today. I can’t refresh my balance and I can’t even transfer my money from SBM account to other one. There is no need about my signature debit card ad well. Does my money just vanish just like that,?!


Niyo SBM servers remains down during the night hours daily . Try it during day time.

Will it also does not allow us to transfer money,?

Hi @Pranav_Reveendran ,

We regret to inform you that due to server downtime from 11 PM - 4 AM IST, you’ll be unable to check your updated balance on the app, and fund transfer will not be available as well. Services will resume post 4 AM. However, your card will remain operational for POS, ECOM, or ATM transactions.


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