Niyo global account block.. i need emergency cash

Urgent cash required but account blocked… please help

Hello @sumit_ghosh ! We tried to reach you, however, we were unable to establish contact. Kindly reach out to our live chat support team through the Niyo SBM App so that we can assist you further.-WB

Hello, my Niyo global account is frozen/blocked since many weeks. This is so terrible. I can’t even withdraw my funds. There are 10k+ funds on my account. I’m in need of my funds. I opened many customer support tickets. But there is no response from them. This is heights. For no reason you Block account and don’t support customer for them. I even visited SBM Bank branch and contacted them also on their customer care number and email. There is no solution from them also. I’m in trouble now. I really need my funds.

My email id :
Account Number : 20012203325224
Customer ID : R006043388

Please reinstate my account. I’m in problem now.