Niyo Debit Card Atm Withdrawal Not Turning Onn

So i always turned off my atm withdrawal cause there’s no need to on it but today when i urgently need it I tried multiple times to turn it on but now able to do it. Also I’ve used new idfc app and turned on the card from there but still in niyo it’s showing card off and to be honest as I’ve already said niyo is going down day by day they are not interested in there service anymore.
No offer/no cashback/ and worst customer service nothing is good with niyo.
Hope you people think about customer service and resolve my issue asap. I’ve to do a transaction and not able to do it. The card is on for online transaction still online transaction (paying sbi cc dues on bill desk & transaction failing again & again.)

Hey Ashish! We are currently investigating your issue and we will get back to you with an update shortly. LK

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