Niyo Community Challenge #2 One Highlight + One Change 🏆

Hi All,

We’re excited to invite you to participate in the second Niyo Community Challenge. All you need to do share your idea on the topic mentioned below.

Describe one highlight and one thing you’d like us to change in the Niyo App. . :moneybag:

Here are some things to keep in mind:

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  • This challenge is OPEN TO ALL .

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Hi @prathamnawal,

Highlight - Simple UI

Suggestion - I would like Niyo to add following features in app on future updates.

  1. Add Recharge / Bill Payment / mandate facility.

  2. Include a favourite tab where we can add favourite features for quick access also a mini-statement tab.

I hope these features will be handy and useful for almost every customers. Thanks.

  1. Visa currency converter in the niyo idfc app itself.

  2. An option to edit number part of the upi id so that number remains private. You can keep .niyo part as it is.

  1. Option to invest in US stocks directly with low bank charges.
    2)I understand Niyo is not a bank but if feasible adding ASBA facility to apply in IPOs will be great.

Highlight - Better UI than most players coupled with the Power of 007=)

Suggestions -
a) Auto Sweep Facility ( Interest gets compounded & user can keep minimum balance in the Savings Account )
b) TDS & Interest Certificate

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1. Please remove the over-dependence of UPI PIN for literally almost everything related to card controls in the app.
Explanation: I have not been able to activate UPI since the day I have opened the account with Niyo in June 2020. It has already been 3 months now and I have very little hopes that it will be resolved in the future as well. Even though I am able to access the app now, I cannot update any card related functions as it needs UPI PIN. You can add an option set another PIN for doing all these transactions so that we can update the card limits, enable/disable international transactions.


@Arjun ,
Auto sweep-in is a good feature for traditional banks where FD interest is more then the SA interest. In Niyo’s case it will not serve the purpose.
Generally sweep in account interest rate are the same as the fixed deposit interest rate for a specified period.
IDFC gives simple interest if the fd tenure is less then 180 days and at present fd interest rate is less then 6% if the tenure is less than 45 days and 6% if it’s upto 90 days.
FD rates are not fixed so it may decrease or increase in future depending upon the rbi policies.

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  1. Highlight: The biggest highlight obviously, is the experience in itself! It is indeed that ‘Neo Banking’ experience that distinguishes itself from everything else. I must commend the team that designed the application. It’s simple, sleek, functional, and most importantly, NOT boring. One can clearly see that ample thought was put into its development, keeping in mind the functions it should serve and also the users it’s catering to. All banking apps are functional, but there’s a fine line between both functionality and user experience; as far as I can say team Niyo has found the perfect balance between the two.

  2. One Change: Fetching Card Details; It’s the only thing that bugs me about the otherwise perfect app. I get that the multiple OTP authentications when one tries to fetch card details through the app is meant for extra security. But I feel it’s a little overdone here.
    Each time to fetch the ‘Card Number’ and ‘Date & CVV’; the app demands 2 OTP verification! Let’s factor in some external factors like SMS carrier delays and expiring of the payment page on which I intend to use the Card. So basically a person has to wait for 2 OTP’s just to fetch the card details and another one to authenticate the transaction! Seriously, isn’t that a bit much?
    The app basically has a pin/fingerprint authorization already. Even if security was the key concern; OTP verification for just the CVV would have been sufficient. Especially since physical debit card delivery is pending due to current circumstances; fetching card details from the app shouldn’t be tiring and cumbersome. I personally have refrained from using Niyo Debit Card on many occasions because I didn’t want to wait for 2 OTP’s; just to get my card details!

  • :heart: team Niyo

Hello Team,

I’d like to highlight Niyo’s smooth and fluidic design of the app, must admit it’s top notch as compared to other banking apps. Though the functionalities are still at beta stage and not comprehensive like other apps , but the complete user experience makes up for it.

I’d like the below changes to be implemented in the Niyo App:

  1. Introduce Credit Cards section : Despite being a new entrant in the banking vertical, Niyo has fared extremely well and are at par with old players. It’s high time to enter into the credit card business like other startup fintechs(fpl technologies for example). Approved credit balance can be linked to Niyo global card or idfc card that can be used by customers during emergencies , this can be termed as an usp of Niyo.

  2. Customer Service : This is an area which makes or breaks customer’s relationship with the bank , hence must be given outmost importance. Despite prompt responses from the support executives , it can always be improved. You can introduce options such as premium and standard support , the same can be implied on users who have a good banking relationships. Deserving ones can get premium support while the rest can settle with standard. Congrats for this amazing platform and good luck for the future endeavours !



Highlight: probably the best banking or Finance app in india and veryeasy navigation immature the app

Changes/ add ons proposed :ring::

  1. Bill payment facility
  2. -Do- for credit card payments. Also facility for scheduling the payment at a future date.
  3. If we go to this niyo global card section, on coming back to sb account section, the finger print login does not work until set again. Pl rectify this. Finger print login can be thought off for the global card section also.
    R M

Highlight: the uncluttered and inviting user interface. Usually isn’t an issue to carry out or find anything I need to which makes for a great experience.

Suggestion: Utility and other recurring Bill payments. An easy, non-complicated way of doing this with a rewards experience is something that goes a long way to round up the service offering


Easy and uncluttered interface
The rewards (offer) option should figure prominently on the main page of the app. Presently the 3 horizontal bars on the right bottom need to be touched to reach the rewards page.

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Highlight 007 and a good community
Change: adding discounts and cashback available through Niyo card in the rewards tab

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Highlight: Very good user experience led by ease of use.
Thing to change: Colours are too muted. The app could do with a bit more vibrancy and contrast.

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Highlight: I really like the clean and minimalistic design of the app.

Change: If we can have a referral incentive to get our friends and family to the platform, that would be great.


@harshy.027 Glad to hear that. We are working on launching referral program and it’ll be at your fingertips in coming weeks :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi ,
I would request you to add UPI/RRN transaction reference numbers in narration and account statement , whenever money gets added through UPI/ Netbanking link in app.
It helps us tally our transaction with our bank accounts and also there is no money leakage at your end.

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The first idea that comes to my mind and also a low hanging fruit is my opinion, just get the MPIN down to 4 digits from the current 6. No other app asks for a 6 digit MPIN.

Also the setting up of the PIN for my card should be within app itself and should be really easy. I have activated my account and also have done my KYC but this PIN setting is a big deterrent for me to use your app further. Very cumbersome for lazy people like me. And I am not able to set my UPI as well without it.


One highlight would be the user interface of the app and one thing I would suggest you to change is the Search section at the bottom middle which is awkward by itself as it feels more empty and so you can have that search option in the Niyo Homepage section itself.