Niyo Card for secondary mobile

Hi There,

I have a secondary mobile phone that is not linked to Aadhar Card and need to use a card / wallet on that mobile. Is it possible to register and use a Niyo card linked to this secondary mobile number that’s not linked to Aadhar?

As per RBI, Aadhar isn’t mandatory to open / use a bank account.


Hi Shishir,

Yes you can, If you face any issue you can write an email to


I have applied to open an account with the alternate mobile number, but the KYC was done based on my primary mobile number linked to Aadhar only. I just hope that this account is eventually linked to by alternate mobile number and not to my Aadhar linked mobile number.

Will update how it goes.

So this doesn’t seem to work - I got an email from the bank that mentions my aadhar linked number to be associated with the bank account. defeats the purpose and I will need to request for closure of such account.