Niyo Card Design Poll 🤩

Hello Niyo Family :family_man_man_girl_boy:,

We’re currently working on some exciting new card designs :star_struck:, and want to know which ones you like the most.

Check out the designs on the link below and vote on your favorites! If you have any feedback, please leave us a comment below :point_down: or in the form.

Design Form

Hello Niyo,

Wow! Thanks for this. I’m the first one who pointed out the poor quality of current Niyo IDFC First Bank Debit Card here in this community.

Happy to see that Niyo promptly acted on this and came up with a poll for the same. Looking forward to the brand new card.

Poll done!!

NB:- Existing customers will be provided with new card? Or we will be left out?

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Done✅ …Was this the reason why cards were delayed ? You could have informed us and we’d happily wait for the new card. Will existing customers get a chance to own this card ?

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This is what i want, the old design was not so great. But these (above example) are just awesome.
Will existing customer get a chance to get there favourite card for free ?

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Hi All, First of all, thank you so much for highlighting the concern and now by providing your feedbacks on the card design options. At the moment, We are in the initial stages of research and planning and it wouldn’t be easy to comment on how will the next action items roll out in terms of how well the existing customers be impacted by this. In terms of charges/no charges of a new card.

Having said that, If you have any preferences on that as well, feel free to share it in the comments, they will be all be considered.

@Tousif27 - Apologies Tousif you’ve had to face delay in card delivery but these card design options are not associated with that. Thanks


Hi @prathamnawal,

In the proposed designs, I could see that “Visa Signature” is embossed instead of Visa Platinum. So can I assume that new card will be on Visa Signature Platform?

hi @prathamnawal prathamnawal

It would be great if the new cards come in metallic version instead of plastic cards, onecard which is also partner of IDFC First bank is providing metallic cards.


No there’s no such plan.

I got my card only today since account opening, is this the updated design? Or is the poll result going to be announced only later?

What you received today is existing design. New design is not yet confirmed. They are at the stage of collecting opinions.