Niyo App Updates Tab


If any notification comes in Updates / Promotion tab, it is not possible to open the notification individually. Due to this full content of the notification is unable to read.

Screen shot is attached for the reference. In this screenshot, the 1st notification is actually having one more line which is mentioning about the 4th offer. It is unable to see / read because it cannot be open.

Kindly fix this bug ASAP. Thanks.

Full content which is seen in phone’s notification panel👇

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Hi @Alan_Abraham. Sorry to hear about your experience with our app. This is a part of a failsafe mechanism. For any critical information, We will always send you a push notification first, Anyone who wasn’t able to read it from there, we put it in App Inbox. If a message doesn’t have any link, it can’t be clicked. It is for information purposes only.

However, I have escalated that to the concerned team make such communication more readable in the future. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Hi @prathamnawal,

Thanks for your reply.

As I said, the problem is, messages coming in inbox are not able to see completely. You can refer above screenshot of inbox message of Debit card insurance. Last lines are invisible because of this bug.

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