Niyo abandoned product- Money not transfered since last year

Niyo team has closed one of their product last year and now they are not responding to any of my queries.

My account had 11k in it, I was expecting a smooth transfer of the amount to my bank account but that was not the case.

As of today there is hardly any update on my money.

Need help!!

Hey @Akshunn! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! We are having this checked with our team. Kindly allow us some time. Upon receiving an update on this, we’ll reach out to you.

Hey @Akshunn! We apologise sincerely for the delay. We want to let you know that our team is currently working on your case, and it could take up to two weeks. We kindly ask that you wait while we assist you.

Hi, the status is same from last 1 years Moreover working on case doesn’t give any helpful update.What exactly is the issue, should be explicitly told to the concerned person.

Now since I raise this issue around an year ago, I’m entitled to raise it as a complaint against Fintech in RBI portal. This is my next course of action unless there is any real update from Niyo.

Hey @Akshunn! We believe that Vignesh from our team is in contact with you regards this. He’s constantly following up with the concerned teams to have this resolved. We will try to close this within 2 weeks of time.


I tried reaching Vignesh multiple times but there is hardly any update from last 3 weeks.

Also not really sure what it takes so long to communicate within two internal teams.

I had raised this issue 3 months back as well then it was told bank is taking time. One could easily make out that real issue is something else and you people are buying out unlimited time.

Please tell me what exactly will take two weeks? I don’t want to take things to social media unnecessary but you guys are forcing me to do so.