NFC based payment feature for NIYO Debit Card

Hello Niyo Team,

As the NIYO debit card comes with visa contactless feature it can support NFC Based payment through mobile phones it would be great to see NFC based payment through NIYO App, the NFC experience would then become truly digital banking.

Also, it would be better if you could partner up with Google Pay and Samsung Pay as many people use it to make payments.

Google Pay (tap and pay feature) is currently limited to Axis and SBI customers.

Hi @Sainath201 Thanks for this idea, We’re currently working on a similar feature. We will update here on community as soon as it is available in the latest release. This feedback helps highlight the importance of it.


Hi @Sainath201,

But only few phone models in India have NFC. That’s the downside.

True, but these days budget phones are also coming up with NFC tech, even brands like Motorola launching budget phones with NFC (moto G9). if NFC Based payments get traction India we could see more brands and phones with NFC.

As the world is moving towards contactless delivery, contactless shopping, contactless payments will too gain traction. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wish so!

But currently reality is on other side. Take recent phone launch POCO X3, Globally the name itself is POCO X3 NFC. But in India they removed the NFC and launched.

Similarly Xiaomi today launched Mi Smartband 5 in India removing NFC. But in China it comes with NFC.

yes that itself says a lot about the current status of NFC in India, brands feel NFC would not be a deal breaker for Indians as most of them won’t use it.

please introduce NFC payment option in Niyo app. At this time most of mobile devices have NFC chip implanted. It will be very convenient to do POS payment through NFC by itself mobile.


IDFC Bank introduced safepay feature in their mobile app to enale payments at POS through Mobile App. I can select only IDFC Bank debit card in the IDFC Mobile App. SafePay not possible using Niyo IDFC Debit card.

Any plan from Niyo to introduce similar feature (NFC Payment using Mobile Phone)