New namber plz change me

My new number please change me

My old number 7027095601
New number 9729129215 plz change me

Hey @Abhishek_Sharma1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are sorry to inform you that currently, we do not have the facility to update the mobile number for NiyoX. It may take some longer time for us to bring this facility. Also, we highly recommend you not to share your personal details here. You may direct message us or reach out to our Live Chat Support through the app.



@Abhishek_Sharma1 Kindly don’t share such info in post which is related to the privacy , This might use by other.

If you want to Change Number in NiyoX ( Equitas SFB) , follow these steps -

  1. Create Internet Banking & Login .
  2. In “ DIY” section find option .
  3. You’ll have to provide PAN ( or other ID) & Signature along with selfi over the Video Call ( KYC) by Equitas SFB staff .

Kindly Note that You’ll loose the NiyoX login if your old number isn’t accessible , This will cause you when you need to help . Means it will be like simple Equitas SFB Saving Account

@Deepak correct me if I forgot anything.

@Roshan @Abhishek_Sharma1 we request to continue using the registered mobile number to access the NiyoX account. And yes, as @Roshan said, one cannot access the NiyoX app if the mobile number is updated through Equitas internet banking,


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