New features suggestions for Niyo Savings Account

Hello Team,

The NIYO app is really cool and the app UI is very simple and good looking, i would like to provide few suggestions which would make the NIYO the best fintech app. :crazy_face:

  1. Bring in goal based investing in NIYO app- when we invest for a particular goal, subconsciously it motivates us to reach the goal by regularly investing in it, as you have acquired goalwise this should’nt be an issue for you guys to incorporate same features in NIYO App. :money_mouth_face:

  2. Fetching Credit Report - CIBIL - There are many apps out there which are cashing on user base just by providing the CIBIL Score Niyo should try the same.

  3. Pay later option- just like zest money, simple, lazy pay you can try on pay later feature in Niyo app this comes handy for paying bills and for some e-com purchases, as you have tie up with IDFC BANK this should not be an issue as the bank takes care of the default and bank can introspect the user’s risk through CIBIL for activating paylater for particular account.

  4. EPFO Linking : its really hard to track EPFO balance for millennial salarieds, it would be great if you can include an option for tracking EPFO balance on the NIYO app itself

  5. Mutual Fund Advisory : NIYO being a fintech app which provides mutual funds, there should be option for getting advisory for mutual funds by charging some nominal fee monthly or yearly, there are 1000’s of mutual funds it becomes very difficult to choose best and optimum funds, with advisory you can advise best Mutual funds based on user’s risk profile by charging and re-balancing the funds when need arises.

-Thats all for now :heart:

I hope some of these features are in pipeline of NIYO. :blush:

Hey Sainath,
Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback. We will be sure to share the same with the product teams! :slight_smile:
P.S. Also thanks for letting us know what you think is chargeable :smiley:

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