New Feature - Wave 🌊


So we know you want to probably want to wave the year 2020 goodbye.
We had a different sort of wave in mind.

There’s a problem with apps like Niyo - all your friends want to check it out! Jokes aside, we take privacy pretty seriously here, and we know that sometimes you might want to show your account to your friend while keeping your financial status hidden from them. Not just that, I’ve personally always felt nervous opening my banking apps in a public place - the last thing I would want to do is to allow a set of prying eyes a look into my balance.

Our solution - wave
We’ve designed a pretty simple action which allows you to hide/unhide your balance. All you have to do is go to Menu -> Security Settings -> Toggle Wave:

And that’s it! Now whenever you’re on the homepage, simply wave your hand over the balance to hide/unhide it. You can wave your privacy woes goodbye!

That’s the last wave pun, I promise.

P.S. I’m the product manager who has worked on this, and I invite everyone to play around and let us know what you think of this feature. Also, we would love to know any ideas or get any feedback you’d have around our “Wave” feature.

P.P.S. Show some love with some ":ocean:"s in the comments section

P.P.P.S. There are a lot of great “Wave” songs #1 #2 #3


Just tried it and it’s awesome! :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:


Doesnt seem to be working for me. I updated the app, enabled toggle wave, even gave app the permission to use camera. Still its not working
Does the app need any specific permission too?

Can I know what device you’re using?

Hello @NoWayOj,

Wave feature is not working for me as well. Niyo app is installed on my Redmi Note 3 and I’m on latest version.

Thanks for the info - we’re checking. Seems like there is a problem with some specific Android phones.

Yeah. I saw it yesterday in the app after an update. Though it may seem silly at first; I must say, it is a nifty little feature to have around. Never thought I would actually end up using it, but it came in handy the same eve. :grin: :sweat_smile: :grin:


I am using moto G5 plus. The wave feature is not working for me.

Wave Doesn’t work on my device. I am using niyo 1.2.59 and my device is Poco X2 with miui
Even the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work properly. Whenever I switch from niyo global to niyo idfc it stops working.
Hope you will look into it.


Now it’s working for me after attempting waving my palm :wave: more than 10 times. :grin: Though the feature is not fluid, it works once in a while. So at this moment can’t rely on this!

Ok thanks for the info!

On thanks for the info! Yep, the Niyo Global to IDFC is a documented bug and we will be fixing it soon.


:ocean: :ocean: :ocean:

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Such a cool and nifty feature. Great attention to detail and works very well. Thank you for the constant relevant updates Team! :blush:


Hi @NoWayOj… the wave feature is still not functional on my Moto G5 plus. :frowning_face:

Hey Shashwat, the team will be trying to fix this for the next update!

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@NoWayOj, this feature is not working for me, might be handset (Oneplus 7 pro)
does this feature use a proximity sensor or camera?

do help me out this feature looks awesome.

I think you have to wave your hand above camera or proximity sensor

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Feature is good.