New feature launch - Invest the change

Hi everyone! I am a senior product manager at Niyo. I’m thrilled to announce that our team has built a new feature called ‘Invest the Change’, available in the latest version of your Niyo App.

What is ‘Invest the Change’?

Invest the change is a simple everyday way to save and invest money. It is the digital-age equivalent of taking all the spare change from your purchases and saving it in a jar until the jar is full and then taking the full jar of change to the bank for investment.

With this feature in our app, We are aiming to equip our users with the tools they need to build their financial futures. Often, when it comes to finances, people don’t know where to start. Investing, saving, and the likes can feel confusing and unachievable.

We’re determined to change this by making saving and investing simple, enjoyable and available to everyone.

Please share your feedback and ideas on this in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

If you aren’t part of our Niyo Family yet. Download the app using the links provided below:

Android Users
IOS Users

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The new invest the change feature is pretty good but currently it supports only spends made on NIYO Debit Card.

In the era of UPI and Credit Cards, gone are the days using a debit card to make the day to day expenses, please add other spend modes too for investing the change.

for example, you can access the sms details and pull out transactional sms to filter the transactions related to spending and which would trigger invest the change feature.

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Thanks for your inputs Sainath. I will surely look into it.
Currently, Invest the change supports all the transactions done from your Niyo IDFC account (debit card + UPI + FT).

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Why there’s not an option to change funds in Invest the Change, there’re only few selected fund which you can use to invest your accumulated money, there has to be freedom to choose my own funds.

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Thanks for your inputs Amir.
Invest the change is designed to help people who find it difficult and confusing to start investing. We strive to give them an automated and simplified way to invest. Given too many choices, the chances are they may get confused and hence we have limited options.
But as we can see a lot of experienced investors picking up this feature, I will surely look into it.

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That’s a valid point, but the targeted audience here are already familiar with the investing concept, this maybe helpful for traditional bank customers, the majority of people who are using “NEO Banks” are already familiar with the concept. It’s a great feature, it’ll be awesome if we get to customise it according to our needs. Like choosing the funds and also choosing the threshold limit.

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